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Our customers are very important to us. We value and want to maintain an excellent and long-term relationship with you. We understand that you have legitimate concerns about the privacy and security of the information that flows through our platform when you use our Loop services.

This Privacy Policy tries to address these concerns by describing the information that we obtain from or about you and how we store, secure and use the information. This Privacy Policy also describes your rights to access, amend and delete the information and rights you have to consent to our use of your information. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or its application to you, please do not hesitate to contact us at: [email protected].

When we refer in this Privacy Policy to “we” or “us,” we mean Loop HQ Inc., a Delaware corporation. When we refer to “you” or a “user,” we mean anyone who accesses our website or a Loop mobile app and anyone who establishes or uses Loop services. When we refer to “Loop services,” we mean Loop’s Saas services described below and in our Terms of Use.

How Loop Works

In the old days, you may have stored letters, contact lists, calendar events and documents in a metal or wood cabinet with several drawers that you locked with a key. Each drawer probably contained a number of file folders and each folder probably contained a number of documents.

Today, you probably store some or all of this information digitally in e-mail, contacts, calendar and document storage electronic file cabinets known as apps. Each app requires its own key to access the information that is stored there. You may have to open one app to see an e-mail, another app to see contact information for a person you need to reach, a third app to see and respond to a calendar event and still another app to see a document or other file. Each time you open one of these apps, you see all of the information and documents stored in the app and you have to search through all of your e-mails, contacts, calendar events and documents to find what you are looking for.

What if you had one key that opened all of your apps at the same time and automatically, without you searching, displayed in one place all of the e-mails, contact information, calendar events and documents relevant to a particular subject matter?


In its simplest form, Loop:

Initial Sync

Logging in to Loop for the first time is easy. You may choose to login with either a Google or Microsoft 365 account. Loop will automatically redirect you to the authorization page for your chosen platform (let's assume Google for this example). Once you have verified your account, Google will securely transmit an encrypted token to Loop. This token will provide Loop access to sync, or link with your Google account via the Google API as detailed below.

Once the initial sync is done, you may sync other source platforms with the Loop system including additional Google or Microsoft 365 accounts, Slack, Dropbox, Asana and Trello. For certain colleges and universities students may sync their CanvasLMS account with Loop. You may also sync other source platforms that in the future we integrate into the Loop system.

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